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  • Shipments from 4,90€
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Our mission: Respect for Finnish craftsmanship.

Juuttisakki.fi was founded out of love for the Finnish craft tradition. We are passionate about high-quality, domestic handmade products and we want to share this love with you. Our goal is not only to highlight and offer products skillfully made by Finnish craftsmen, but also to preserve and strengthen the appreciation of craftsmanship in modern times.

"Craftsmanship with heart - Finnish quality in every fiber."

Our values: authenticity, quality and durability.

We value three basic pillars: authenticity, quality and durability. Our products are made with love, care and professionalism. We do not compromise on quality, and each product tells its own story about the Finnish craft tradition. Durability does not only mean the longevity of the product, but also that our products are timeless and stand the test of time both in terms of design and quality.

Our products, continuers of the handmade tradition.

Our selection includes a wide range of different domestic handmade products - from accessories to decoration products. Each product has been carefully selected, and they represent the Finnish craft tradition at its best. Whether it's handmade woolen socks, a unique interior design element or a practical yet beautiful shoulder bag, you can be sure that you're getting authentic Finnish craftsmanship at its best.

Our customers, lovers of domestic handicrafts.

We know that our customers value high-quality craftsmanship and domestic products. They understand the value of craftsmanship and want to support Finnish know-how and tradition. Every purchase from our online store is not only the purchase of a product, but it is also a contribution to preserving and increasing appreciation of the Finnish craft tradition. Thank you for that, our dear customers. Thanks to you, Finnish handicraft lives and flourishes!

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