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Unique, handmade products for home and as a gift.

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Durable Goods

Durable products are a sensible and useful environmental act. As the range of durable products expands across the board, we have added durable products to make your daily life easier as well. 

Durable products not only save nature, they are a choice we make every day. You and me. Whether we use disposable products that strain the climate or choose a reusable, washable option. In our selection you will find bandages, panty liners, cleaning pads and much more. Check out our durable product range here: 

Interior decoration products 

I make high quality domestic products for home decoration. My products are all handmade individually, so each product is unique in itself. 

In the interior textiles you will find both macrame and bohemian linen pillowcases, crocheted and woven blankets, as well as kitchen textiles and gifts for friends and loved ones. The products are delivered quickly and beautifully packaged. 

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