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About us

How we are, behind Juuttisäkki

I'm Margit, and my heart beats for craftsmanship and ecology. By my side is my mother Inga, whose hands have woven thousands of stories into carpets and textiles. Together, we are a power duo that brings to your home something made by hand and designed with heart. Welcome to our story, which is full of passion, tradition and caring.

All Juuttisäkki products are created in our home workshop in Panelia. There, craftsmanship and the beauty of nature combine in a unique way. Every rug and every accessory is made with care and full of love. We use our favorite materials, which are durable and mostly recyclable, because we want to be part of the ecological solution, not the problem. The environment is more than a source of inspiration for us; it is our calling.

Although my day job is in the office at the computer, my free time is full of creativity. Sewing, weaving and crocheting are more than a hobby for me – they are a way to express myself and connect with tradition. Walking in nature with my husband and two loyal dogs completes the harmony of my life.

Crafts have been with me since childhood. I earned my student allowance by making leather bags in my parents' company. Entrepreneurship is therefore part of my and my family's DNA. I am a financial management professional by education, but at heart I am an enterprising craftsman. Again, my mother is a craftswoman with a capital K. He is a little over 80 years old, so he has the skills that we younger people can only dream of.

Lahja ja Sisustus Juuttisäkki was born from this heritage, passion and cooperation. We want our products to bring you joy and liven up your everyday life, just as making them brings us. Juttisäkki is a story about domesticity, responsibility and the joy of doing things - and about a family that joins forces to create something special.

If you need something special or need help with a custom product, don't hesitate to get in touch. Together we can make your everyday life more beautiful. We are always interested in subcontracting projects as well, and all resale ideas are listened to carefully.

Our online store has been granted the Suomalainen webshop - key ticket mark. The mark guarantees that our products and warehouse and trade operations are Finnish and employ Finns.

We hope you enjoy our selection as much as we enjoyed creating it.

With the sunniest greetings,

Margit, the founder of Juuttisäkki and craftsman

Inga – Mentor and crafts superprofessional