Cotton beanie Sammal


A thin cotton beanie that lets your skin breathe and looks like a supercool is definitely the summer outfit if you want to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Or snow. However, we are in Finland 

Material: 100% cotton 

Color: 2 options 

Size: 54 - 58 cm 

Care instructions: Machine wash / gentle wash 40 degrees. Flat drying. Ironing 2 points. If the cotton is washed in the wrong / lower degree, it may get stained. If this happens, wash the cotton product again immediately at the correct temperature. Do not use too much rinse aid and use a washing program with a long rinse time. Cotton tends to shrink when washed, so shape the product to its correct dimensions when wet. Never put a cotton product in the dryer Wash dark colors separately. Dark colors may let out color at higher temperatures. Use only detergent intended for wool and other fine fibers or PH-neutral detergent without bleach. Do not dry the product in direct sunlight. Avoid drying the product on a moisture-absorbent surface, such as a towel. The product may get stained or lose its elasticity. 

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22.90 €