Purse bag Sanoma


A small black purse for you who doesn't carry a lot of stuff with you. This small purse can hold a phone, a wallet, and more. The front of the purse is floral and the back is completely black.

The smaller purse is 15 cm wide and 18 cm high. Frame width 10 cm. The upper is linen and the lining is cotton. The strap also has a strap with a key loop.

The size of the larger purse is 18 x 18 cm and the width of the frame is 12.5 cm The length of the detachable shoulder strap, crocheted from black fishing line, is about 135 cm.

Material: Cotton 

Color: Natural 

Size: 15 x 18 cm or 18 x 18 cm

Care instructions: Hand wash 

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28.90 €