Hooded collar Sininen, Koko S-M


The hooded collar, woven from insanely soft acrylic yarn, is guaranteed to keep you warm. The hooded collar is lined with fleece, so it's really comfortable to wear. The hooded collar protects the ears and head from wind, wind, rain and cold. The length of the collar section is 23 cm and the size is 57 cm 

Material: acrylic / fleece 

Color: Blue 

Size: S-M 

Care instructions: Acrylic does not withstand high temperatures, so wash at 30-40 degrees. The use of fabric softener prevents electricity. Acrylic itself is a very smooth material, but if necessary, you can gently iron it using the mildest temperature of iron. Put an ironing cloth between the iron and the garment to give the acrylic surface extra protection.

39.90 €