Apron Pellava


Apron made of beautiful linen with a large pocket and laced tie straps. Stylish in the kitchen. The total length of the apron is about 76 cm and the width of the apron part is 75 cm. One pocket 

Material: Linen 

Color: as in picture

Size: one adult size 

Care instructions: Turn the product upside down before washing Wash products containing flax in water at 40 ° C. White linen products can also be washed at 60 ° C. Dark and light shades should be washed separately The linen stays smoother when the machine is half full. A fair amount of water and gentle spin reduce wrinkles. Please note that lint may come off the linen during the first wash, so the use of a wash bag may be in place. The lint screen of the washing machine is also good to check. Shape the product when wet. Flat dry avoiding heat or direct sunlight. If necessary, the linen can withstand even hot ironing temperatures. The easiest way to iron is when the fabric is damp. Iron on the wrong side. Stock balance: 22

59.90 €