Wool socks and leg warmers

When winter is cold and summer is chilly, nothing beats wool socks!

Juuttisäkki sells products that are skin-friendly, durable and soft to use. We use materials that are long lasting, durable and very often also machine washable. Our socks are designed to fit well on the foot and are domestic, hand-knitted. 

You can browse our selection and buy wool socks online. The selection includes high-quality wool socks for women and men. Men's wool socks, mittens and beanies and other accessories can be found here: men's accessories All our socks are handmade and made of high quality domestic products. You can find e.g. basic wool socks, knee socks, knee socks, boot socks, lace socks and many more. All models have a size after the product name.

If any model is pleasing but the size is not suitable, then get in touch! We also make socks to order.