Men 's woolen socks, beanies, mittens and other men' s accessories 

A masculine man, honey, dude, boy or dear. The man needs accessories to survive the cold of winter, the heat of summer. A man wears domestic wool socks while hunting for his family's livelihood in the woods, on the road, in a factory  

When staying at home, warm toes are more comfortable and your mind stays relaxed when you are not freezing. Our selection includes men's wool socks, woven tufts, vans, beanies and other accessories. All products are made from wear-resistant raw materials and are all domestic handicrafts. If any model feels right but the size is not appropriate, please contact us. I also make products to order. All woven beanies are available with or without fleece lining. You just choose which variation you want from the features of the product.