This is me - behind Juuttisäkki


It's wonderful to have you here! We hope you enjoy yourself and come back again and again! 

I am Margit - a passionate craftsman. I make products at my home workshop in Panelia. I prefer durable and recyclable materials because nature and the environment are important to me. Ecology and a durable product are a more sensible option for nature.

In my day job, I work in the office, so I sit at the computer. In my free time I sew, weave, crochet and enjoy nature together with my husband and two dogs. Crafts have been a part of my life since I was a child. I earned my student money at my parents 'company by making leather bags, so entrepreneurship also runs in the blood. I am a financial management professional by training, but a craftsman trying my blood by inheritance. It was because of the blood's legacy that I set up the online Gift and Interior Juuttisäk store. Even the activities of a jute are guided above all by homemaking, responsibility and the joy of doing. So I hope my products bring joy and refreshment to your everyday life as they make it to me. 

With Sunny wishes Margit