Buy Macrame online! Juuttisäkki`s macrame - products are made in Finland by hands. 


With Macrame products, you create a bohemian atmosphere both indoors and in the courtyards. The hand-knotted macrame curtain holder is a multi-purpose interior element. With a barbecue canopy chair, the macrame pillow looks good. Flowers hang in the macrame ampoule and the bedroom wall is decorated with a macrame work. The beauties of the bohemian interior design style are now in the range. You choose. 

Macrame products have their own interior design direction. Macrame is well suited to a bohemian interior design style and brings its own nuance to Scandinavian clear decoration. With colorful macrame products, you can create influences from Indian mysticism or warm nuances straight from Mexico. Macrame pillows are suitable for lounging on the sofa or on the floor. Combine knotted macrame products with clear woven nap blankets and add color to rugs and other home decor. Even jute macrame products are made of strong cotton yarn and currently the products are available mainly in natural white, but there are some black and yellow products among them. The yarns are self-dyed and then knotted. Or first knotted and then dyed.