Home textiles

With home textiles, you can quickly update your home from one style to another. You are the creator of your own style. Do it so that it is good to be at home and that all residents feel comfortable.

You can choose from beautiful cushion covers in fabrics, woven, crocheted, with or without fringes. In our selection you will find absolutely complete pillows, towels, kitchen towels, blankets and rag rugs. Home textiles create an atmosphere in your home that is always so wonderful to return to. The style is free and you decorate your home the way you want. Do it with your family and you're good to have. Whether you love colors or pure white, you can buy home textiles online at Juuttisäkki's online store. Wall hangings made of knitted patches also work well on the bathroom floor, as a carpet next to the bed or as a pet bedding. Snooze blankets are a great gift idea for wildcats or reading lovers. A handmade product is always its own work of art, which is also appreciated by the recipient of the gift. Domestic handicraft withstands wear and tear and stays beautiful for a long time. Home textiles are timeless, wear-resistant products that brighten up your interior, create homey details and add practicality to everyday busy hours.